Featured IDG Editorial

  • Macworld/iWorld tradeshow
    Macworld/iWorld tradeshow We ran multiple types of productions from the final Macworld/iWorld tradeshow (formerly Macworld Expo). I assigned one shooting team to create quick-take videos with the Macworld editorial team. Another team made quick highlight edits from stage presentations. A final team created several custom videos to promote the tradeshow itself. I oversaw everything and stepped in wherever we were short staffed.
  • Macworld Thunderbolt Tricks
    Macworld Thunderbolt Tricks When Thunderbolt was new, the Macworld staff first tested its practical uses. Then we got to this video of stupid Thunderbolt tricks. This is a moderate-quality production; our small staff size couldn't ship this style daily, but I like to mix in a range of production levels. I produced and co-wrote this video.
  • Field shoot: Satellite Internet
    Field shoot: Satellite Internet This field production got us out of the office to test a satellite Internet router. Both of the hosts were tech experts and had a lot of video experience, but we used this approach to move them past a newsy, straight-to-camera style. This shows one way I like to draw out the personality in talent, especially in people who aren't in video regularly. They handled most of the pre-production, but I produced and directed all other steps.
  • Studio shoot: Basketball demo
    Studio shoot: Basketball demo This tech-enabled basketball demo shows a simple studio shoot without many frills. We didn't have time to take this to a court, but we still had fun and shot dynamically. This style of video can get get knocked out quickly, in about a half-day. I produced and directed at all stages.
  • VR demo: Staff as experts
    VR demo: Staff as experts At this field shoot, we had limited time and access; we weren't even allowed to shoot our staff inside of the demo. Additionally, our editorial expert was a writer who wasn't used to talking to the camera. Instead of trying to force him into being a host, I set this up as an interview, letting me quickly draw out his personality. I like this approach for many situations with staff experts. I was the producer for all steps.
  • PCWorld series: Hardcore Hardware
    PCWorld series: Hardcore Hardware We developed Hardcore Hardware with PCWorld to show off the playfully loud voice of one of its editors. This is one of the first episodes. As Executive producer, I was hands-on only when needed, setting expectations and giving help over the whole production. I was happy to steer my team to take risks and have fun without me micromanaging.
  • PCWorld review: Alfa Romeo 4C
    PCWorld review: Alfa Romeo 4C We went on-location for this complicated PCWorld review. In just over a half-day of shooting, we hit three main locations and used a drone team for a variety of footage. I produced and directed in all stages.
  • Razer R&D Visit
    Razer R&D Visit PCWorld regularly needs on-location coverage with a minimal crew, even for an interview. So we developed an off-the-cuff style that works well with just one camera. The camera floats between a single and two-shot. In post, the edit covers the move or just embraces the roughness in this format. I produced and directed all stages of this segment.
  • Wireless-Carrier Testing
    Wireless-Carrier Testing PCWorld develops big features for its annual mobile-phone-network-coverage story. We traveled to Boston to meet our main investigator as he wrapped up weeks of carrier testing across U.S. cities. I produced and directed all stages of this video. I also creative-directed the PCWorld intro and outro bumpers.
  • Parking Apps
    Parking Apps Some TechHive features warrant a little more time than the usual half-day edits, but still need to be finished in about two days. In this example, we extended our shooting to about four hours to get ample B-roll and spent the remaining time in edit. I produced and directed all stages of this piece.
  • Sphero 2.0 Review
    Sphero 2.0 Review TechHive, Macworld, and PCWorld produce dozens of reviews each month, many of which warrant video coverage. We took on a voiceover-and-B-roll style to speed through production, shooting and editing a review in less than a day. I co-produced this Sphero 2.0 segment and also served as our stunt driver. Vroom!
  • Acura Lane Assistant
    Acura Lane Assistant TechHive creates regular car-tech features, bringing their own challenges of tight spaces and mobile, outdoor shooting. In this example, we highlighted a new car's ability to stay in its lane even if you take your hands off the wheel, testing it on San Francisco highways. I produced and directed at all stages.
  • IDG.tv Launch
    IDG.tv Launch Sometimes a project needs a big-budget look on a tight timeframe. Only four weeks ahead of its launch, we took on this project to introduce IDG.tv. I led pre-production and post, since I was on-location with another video when this had to shoot. I created the concept, script, and storyboard; and I post-produced to bring it all together.
  • Home Field Advantage
    Home Field Advantage TechHive sometimes runs big features which warrant three or so days editing, giving time to draw out the personality of subjects. In this case, our two crews shot at ATT Park for two days, gathering footage for five TechHive productions. All had tech angles, such as this example profiling the grounds crew and its gear. I directed one of our shooting teams and co-produced this segment.
  • TechHive Launch Video
    TechHive Launch Video To launch TechHive, I produced and directed this piece written by our marketing team. They needed a quick introduction and used this as a pre-roll ad. Note that I also produced and directed the opening and closing bumper, one of the animations used in ongoing TechHive videos.
  • IDG Editorial Brand Introduction
    IDG Editorial Brand Introduction I produced and directed all aspects of this IDG video, introducing the company's many editorial brands. We used an interview style to keep it conversational. B-roll was shot directly for this segment and also pulled from IDG publications around the world.
  • CES Field Reports
    CES Field Reports At the 2013, 2014, and 2015 Consumer Electronics Shows, I led a team of a dozen people, producing videos for PCWorld, TechHive, and other IDG brands. We knocked out about 15 quick-hit videos each day; shooting, editing, and publishing segments in just a few hours. At the end of the 2013 show, we produced this sizzle reel of our week. In addition to executive producing all coverage, I did substantial pre-production--down to ordering furniture and negotiating contracts--directly post-produced most videos, and field-produced many.
  • Printing in 3D
    Printing in 3D In this casual profile, TechHive's 3D-printing expert introduces us to this new technology. We worked to see from our passionate subject's perspective, balancing his techie experience with broader information. I produced and directed over the full production. I also shot the timelapse footage.