I’ve produced hundreds of videos for IDG (PCWorld, Macworld, TechHive, others), Future (Qore, Mac|Life, Maximum PC, PC Gamer), Gamers.com, Joystiq, and more.  

I’ve also been a writer as long as a videomaker, contributing hundreds of thousands of words to those and other publications, including Wired, Official Xbox Magazine, Readymade, Make, Craft, and more.

Most recently, I was the Executive Producer for IDG; I led our in-house video production team for our editorial brands and custom clients. My team built the essential content for IDG.tv, the company’s new initiative for an all-IDG-brand video hub. More importantly, we substantially raised the quality after I joined, effectively competing with peers of much larger sizes.

What is producing?

People use “producing” in a few different ways. In this context, I’m working with a team–sometimes just one other person, sometimes a dozen–to execute a video.

I’m usually also directing, shaping the shooting style and messaging. I often also handle basic details to make sure everything just works: how much time do we need to set up? and what props do we need? In these roles, I often create the original concept and script.

I step in to run a camera or take a basic edit on occasion, but my main role is to orchestrate everything, build a great team of specialists, and rely on our strengths. I carry the video as a whole from start to finish, from both a creative and technical perspective. I get what’s in my–and my team’s–mind into our final cut.

“Executive producer” means all of the above, and also that I’m leading producers as much as running my own productions. Good video is always collaborative; my work is always tied to my great staff and contributors.


Got something on which we should connect? Sounds great. If you’re not a robot, contact me at zack at zack stern dot com. Spelling counts.